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We believe that the design decisions do not end with the completion of the draft design; they continue throughout the entire development of final blueprints and right on into the construction management phase.
For this reason all technical documentation is done in our office. We also coordinate all engineering to ensure the quality, cost control and architectural unity of the works undertaken.
The scope of work includes Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Planning, Products Design according to a flexible scheme of services:

Pre-design services

  • Data gathering and site studies
  • Program of needs and uses
  • Space planning
  • Estimated budget and schedule
  • Site Analysis
  • Environmental analysis

Authorities negotiation

  • Authorities consultation and negotiation
  • Permits approval set up and follow up
  • Permits approval package


  • Real state research and evaluation
  • Staff data base and organization charts
  • Moving plans
  • Changes required.
  • Cost control
  • Legal situations assistance


  • Conceptual design
  • Alternative ideas
  • Evaluation
  • Volumetric models
  • Schematic design
  • Refinement of selected scheme
  • Architectural image
  • Design development
  • Bid documents
  • Costs and schedule analysis
  • Materials and construction system
  • Construction documents
  • Construction details
  • Legal and technical specifications
  • Engineering coordination
  • Final budget


  • Bidding phase
  • Constructors selection list
  • Bid packages
  • Technical and economic comparison
  • Contracts negotiation
  • Construction Phase Services
  • Architectural and technical assistance
  • Construction direction
  • Construction managment
  • Others
  • Update of plans and documents
  • Changes evaluation
  • Cost control