Damián Vinson

Architect (UBA, 1989). Member of Studio Manteola, Sánchez Gómez, Santos, Solsona, Sallaberry, Vinson Architects, since the end of the 80’s.
He is an associate professor of the subjects Architecture 2 and Architecture 3 in the Chair Amette-Sanchez Gómez-Berdichevsky-Lopatin, School of Architecture and Urban Design, University of Buenos Aires. He was a member of the Court of Honor of the Central Society of Architects (2001-04).
First prize promotion 1990 at FADU UBA awarded by CPAU. Conference "Architecture from sketch to final design, from detail to the work", at IX Sisteccer Congress, November 5th 2015, La Rural. Round-table panelist on Global Trends in Sustainable Architecture at VII International Conference + Exhibition Green Building, 2015. “Enclosure as an element of comfort”, October 2006. Project Ezeiza International Airport at Airport Congress, organizer AA2000, August 2007. Panelist Gen 40 Designers, 2012 CTDO CABA. Exposition The Hand Thinks, 2012, CPAU CABA. TEN 10 Design Trends, Designers in Great Works, 2014.